Product development

Generics are so called imitation drugs which are based on the same active compound as the original formula. Nevertheless, Generics have to be developed ... Read more


Based on a license we grant our distributors distribution rights for specific pharmaceutical products. A license itself represents the right ... Read more

Registration Service

As international pharmaceutical company we aim to successfully register medical drugs in the respective country of distribution in order to be granted authorization ... Read more

Clinical studies

Clinical studies are always involved in the process of the developing products and/or methods. They are needed to examine possible side effects and to optimize the effectiveness ... Read more


In order to achieve the demanded high quality, experience in production of finished and semi-finished products is of utmost importance. A crucial aspect ... Read more

Procurement of raw materials

As innovative company, crewpharm GmbH is firmly integrated in the supply chain and authorized to trade with raw materials ... Read more

Smart Packaging

Packaging is an important aspect when it comes to distribution. It not only contains all important informations about the product but also facts about the company ... Read more

Quality assurance

Quality of pharmaceutical products is of utmost importance and of crucial for patient’s safety. Therefore, every step of the integrated supply chain of medicines ... Read more

Transportation & Logistics

In addition to supply of raw materials, production and quality assurance, transportation of the product to the client is crucial for a successful commercialization ... Read more


As a well-established company we have obtained experience in the area of distribution of medical compounds and are familiar with the regulation for imports ... Read more