First Generics

Once an active compound for a specific drug is developed and protected, production rights of this drug are reserved to the holder of a patent for up to 25 years. However, when the patent protection is expired, competitive pharmaceutical companies are free to bring these drugs onto the market. Such drugs are called Generics.

Generics have the advantage to be significantly cheaper than the original preparations, since costs for research and development have already been paid. Due to the fact that Generics are completely identical to the original active compound, a therapeutic equivalence is guaranteed. Further, safety of (medical) drugs is ensured through the continuous development of Generics.

People getting ill in Ghana, Ecuador or the Philippines do not benefit from the medical progress and new drugs because prices are too expensive for a great part of the population. Therefore, millions of people have to die every year due to a lack of basic medicine. Generics present a simple and fair solution for this problem.