Parenteral nutrition

We offer a wide range of products in the field of parenteral nutrition enabling us to support you with the treatment of your patients.

Our selection of high quality products presents various opportunities according to your needs. We offer simple, safe and efficient nutrition therapies::

3-chamber bags

as a standardized parenteral nutrition formula with glucose, amino acids and MCT/LCT-lipid emulsion (here it is important to have a well-balanced nutrient relation.)
  • standardized complete supply due to different needs of patients
  • contains zinc for an improved wound healing
  • advantageous MCT/LCT-Lipid emulsion
  • different alternatives tailored to meet satisfaction of amino acid demand
  • liquid reduced alternatives and free of electrolytes

2-chamber bags

contain amino acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes and therefore satisfy the basal nutrient need of the patient. Meeting individual needs of patients is possible by using different alternatives and therefore providing a nutrition therapy according to their needs.
  • precise dosage of lipid component
  • easy addition of lipids
  • adaptation to quantity of lipids already feeded for sedation possible
  • mixed solution chemically and physically stabel for 4 days at 2-8°C plus 48 hours at 25°C

Single components

  • Lipid emulsions
  • Amino acids
  • combined solutions, glucose, micronutrients


  • All in one mixture according to needs

Compounding is an all in one mix, which is produced individually for every patient and his specific indications. This allows an exact dosage within a gram of macrosubstrates and an exact dosage of micronutrients.

Compounding is especially indicated for critically ill people, such as undernourished patients with limited metabolic and organ function (e.g. liver and renal insufficiency). These patients present a specific nutrients need and they require a parenteral nutrition tailored to their individual requirements.


Respective to parentale nutrition doctors, clinics and medical practices, who rely on third care providers for patient's care, demand high quality standards.

Thus pharmacies, nutritionists, nursing and home care services are required to meet the economic prescription regulation. As our partner you profit from the caresolution system that enables you to meet the regulations. You generate trust while offering your complete service.